Helpful Vehicle Towing Tips For Dublin

Towing a vehicle tip: it is important to read for all drivers whether they need a tow or are rescuing someone whose vehicle is broken down.

At one stage or another, most motorists break down. If you fall apart, your Towing247 supplier should be called who can assist –particularly as patrols fix four out of five cars on the road. But if your breakdown cover hasn’t been purchased yet, you may have to call a friend to give you a tow. Alternatively, a friend in need could call you. Whatever the case, it’s a good idea to understand how to drive a vehicle securely and legally in the event of the worst.

towing service dublin
towing service dublin

The two parties involved in the towing mission have to remember the following thing. The sign for “on tow” must be placed in the back of the vehicle to be towed. If the vehicles only have a cloth or chains attached, the maximum distance allowed between the vehicles is 4.5 meters.
You must take everything slowly and steadily–never exceed 15 mi / h. Use the clutch to suddenly pull away and avoid yanking in the rope, which can break the rope and avoid sudden braking, for the driver can not respond fast enough to stop –but instead tap softly to warn. Likewise, give a lot of time and prevent any sudden changes in direction or excessive maneuvers, because the driver being twisted will find it difficult to steer and brake with you.

While you are tugging, often inspect your mirrors to make sure it all looks all right. Keep an eye on your vehicle measurements, in particular the temperature and oil pressure–if they suddenly alter, you might experience a issue so they pull as quickly as possible.

Before starting, ensure that the ignition switch is in’ on’ place to unblock the steering lock and make it simpler to steer the broken vehicle. Active steering and braking your car with the towing car and maintain a certain voltage at all times in the towing or towing pole, using a light braking pressure that minimizes jolting. Stay as alert as if you were driving, paying particular attention to the brake lights and indicators of the towing car so you know what is happening as much as possible.

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