When Is It Ok To Tow Another Car, And What Do I Need To Know Before Towing?

Don’t get in a knot with a towrope — follow these rules

TOWING another car behind you might sound like a simple operation, but it doesn’t–if you haven’t towed another car, you will find it really difficult. The Sunday Times Driving addresses some of the most difficult elements of towing here.

When is it all right to tow another vehicle?

The best way to pull a vehicle is when it breaks down and either causes an obstacle or is in a hazardous place, and needs to be pulled to a safer place. Towing another vehicle has intrinsic hazards and you should maintain the ride to a minimum absolute distance. You can always ask Towing247.ie for any tow truck Dublin.

I purchased an old classic car on the SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice). Can I take it to my garage for the restoration I intend to do?

No, in one word. The law here is quite clear–when the rope-towed car has its four wheels on its ground, it is treated the same as any vehicle worthy of the road, so it must be insured and taxed with a valid MOT. So you’ll need a trailer in this case. Or a larger budget for a classic road lawyer.

towing dublin
towing dublin

What type of towrope would I have to have?

It might be tempting to root for some ancient piece of rope in the back of your garage, but do not do it. The implications of getting a cable snap while tugging another vehicle variety from funny to tragic, so do the correct thing and purchase a purposeful cable.

It will be a useful thing to have in your boat anyway and automotive aftermarket outlets have a large variety of towropes-a 3.5-ton heavy-duty example and should cover nearly every towing eventuality.

How much time should my towrope last?

Legally, there is no minimum length, but common sense requires you to leave sufficient distance between the two vehicles, so that the car behind is time to respond to breaks and turns.

The maximum length permitted, however, is 4.5 meters, and if you use a rope that is longer than 1.5 metres, the law says that you must attach a blowing bit of colored cloth in the middle, so that other drivers can spot the corde. Since a pair of meters may not be an exploitable gap in traffic, experience teaches many car drivers. Particularly in London. And on the North Circular in particular.

Do I need any kind of sign?

Yes you do. Yes you do. When you purchase a purpose-built towing rope they are generally given an’ On Tow ‘ sign that you hang on the back of the vehicle (clearly). If you don’t have one, the police will not be very pleased.

Does the ignition of the vehicle parked have to be activated?
Absolutely. Absolutely. If the ignition is not turned on, the control lock is still activated, which may cause the towing vehicle to go in one direction and the vehicle to be twisted in another direction at the first corner. And that won’t end well.

Must the lights on the towed vehicle job?

Driving questioned the police and the reply was an unequivocal yes, especially if it’s dark. Even though daylight is wide, forget hand signals rather than indicators–does anyone even know what the left hand signal is? According to the Autobahn Code, your correct arm rotates counter clockwise, which could cause all kinds of misunderstandings. Can I tow a vehicle with an automatic transmission?

There is a chance of a harm to the transmission when the powered wheels of an automatic transmission vehicle are in touch with the highway when the vehicle is towed–and the motor is not in operation. It is important to consult the handbook of your owners as it will contain a chapter on towing with some producers imposing an automatic transmission car distance and speed limits. And make sure that the gearbox is neutral, just as with manual transmission vehicles.

How should the vehicle be driven towing?

Carefully. Carefully. Very carefully. very closely. Keep your pace as securely as possible and pull it off as softly as possible, modulating the clutch to prevent the rope from snapping. That will stop a really unpleasant twisting in the vehicle from getting towed, and if your towrope snaps, it will be.

Break in advance to trigger brake lights so that the twisted vehicle is aware that braking is imminent. And also, show well in advance so that your partner is notified behind you.

Take a closer look at your temperature gauge because your motor is loaded more than normal, so overheating is a potential problem. And as much more happens than on your usual trips, it’s wise to have somebody else in the towing vehicle to maintain an eye on what’s happening.

Avoid drastic maneuvers, sudden braking or acceleration–remember that if the parked vehicle is not operating the motor, the steering or braking is not powered. That could lead to two dead vehicles rather than one.

How should the vehicle be twisted?

This is probably the tougher end of operation, even more closely than the tow vehicle. First, the towed vehicle may not have engine power, meaning that powerful brakes and steering require a lot more physical effort. Please also remember to guarantee that the vehicle is neutral.

Keep an eye on the tow car for brake lights and indicators and be prepared to coordinate your steering and braking actions. It is also a good idea to maintain the tension in the tow as much as possible by braking very easily while twisting. This prevents “snatching” and prevents the cable from moving along the highway, which will significantly shorten its life.

Finally, if your 11-year-old, Clarkson-obsessed, enthusiastly volunteers to steer the towed car, this is no-the law says that drivers must also be fully qualified and licensed.

What if the driver has a issue with the tow?

It’s a good idea to agree on a few hand signals so that the towed driver can communicate messages such as “slow down,” “stop” or “drive like** *.” It must be said that the last sign of the hand is quite evident.

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