Transmission Flush Myths – Busted!

Transmission Flush Myths - Busted!


Any person who is even remotely associated with vehicles has heard this form of story – somebody that they know acquired a transmission flush and their transmission failed within just months or even days.

The city legend powering this is that the “sludge” is all that was keeping the transmission collectively and once it was eliminated with a flush, the transmission experienced no prospect of surviving.

The tale goes like this:

Jim was having a transmission trouble, let us say that it was sluggish in the early morning and would slip on consider-off from a stop from time to time when it was hot out.

Now Jim has a brother-in-regulation named Bob that employed to work on cars and trucks, do his individual tune ups and oil alterations, etc. When Jim stated the difficulty that he was having to Bob, his immediate reaction was, “You need to have to get that tranny flushed.”

Of program Jim not actually understanding nearly anything about a motor vehicle, substantially significantly less an computerized transmission blindly follows the information of his brother-in-regulation. Soon after all Bob undoubtedly is familiar with all about cars even although he hasn’t labored on one particular for about twenty decades.

Jim obediently can take his motor vehicle to the nearby lube position for a flush and an engine oil alter even though it is really there. Jim receives his transmission flush, pays and goes on his way.

At to start with, he notices perhaps a slight enhancement in functionality but his transmission is nonetheless exhibiting most of the original signs or symptoms.

About two months later on Jim is driving to do the job and he stops to pay a toll. When he tries to pull away from the toll booth the unthinkable occurs- the car just revs and goes nowhere, as if it is in neutral. Jim moves the shifter into low and is able to limp his auto off to the side of the highway and wait for a tow truck to acquire him to a transmission shop.

What happened?

Here is a list of reasons why the transmission flush myth exists:

  • The fantasy is propagated by individuals who claim to be professionals. I have even heard of transmission fix retailers who contribute to the myth in the hopes of scaring prospective customers into having their transmission overhauled instead than protecting it.
  • There are countless numbers of “web professionals” who advertise the misinformation- it is really really a scenario of “monkey see, monkey do” on steroids!
  • There may well have been a time in the early days of computerized transmissions when failure right after a flush was extra widespread, maybe since of antiquated friction material and transmission fluid technologies through the 1950’s and 60’s but this was prior to my time so I’m not equipped to actually focus on the legitimacy of the probability. I can, nevertheless, say with certainty that it’s not an concern with 99.9% of the cars in support nowadays. If your owner’s manual is in the glove box and not painted on the wall of a cave, you are possibly superior to go.
  • “Sludge” is all that was keeping the transmission with each other and when it will get cleaned out the trans in heading to fall short straight away. Guess what? If you have sludge in your transmission, it can be currently bad and in want of a restore.
  • When in a when a flush is done, generally at a fast lube operation, and the transmission is not refilled properly- ensuing in failure before long thereafter. Of training course the incorrect fluid degree is not recognized as the perpetrator- the transmission flush is! Many automatic transmissions have rather challenging fluid stage checking and filling methods that are greatest remaining to a transmission repair service qualified to execute.
  • Persons have unrealistic expectations. A transmission flush is no much more possible to resolve a failing transmission than an engine oil alter is to correct a major interior engine challenge. The two of these points are great to do consistently but they are servicing- not a deal with for a dilemma.
  • The actuality is that most men and women will not believe about their transmissions until the working day that they have a trouble. Jim’s transmission was on borrowed time- it was heading to are unsuccessful in any case but now that it has, he is likely to perpetuate the myth. If he ever hears somebody mention a transmission flush, he is heading to proclaim, “I had that accomplished and my transmission blew up in just a thirty day period!”

I have been in the transmission repair service field due to the fact 1987 and can actually say that I can’t recall a solitary time wherever I saw a healthier transmission get a flush or a fluid change and subsequently have a challenge. A transmission flush is the finest upkeep that one can do to lengthen the everyday living of your computerized transmission, do not pass up out on the gains because of the nonsense that exists surrounding transforming your transmission fluid!



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