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Your car battery is the lifeline of your complete auto. It not only commences the engine but also powers the majority of the electrical components within just the motor vehicle. With that being said, there are a few crucial signals that are fantastic indications your battery is dying. The to start with indication most folks notice is their “check engine” light-weight coming on. When you get this see on your dash, shell out focus to the way your motor vehicle operates. It is a superior notion to go to your nearby mechanic to evaluate the test engine light to minimize further motor failure. In the meantime, Towing247 discusses a couple telltale symptoms that your car battery is dying.

What Are The Signs Of A Dying Car Battery

Sluggish Setting up Motor

More than time, the parts within your battery will put on out and turn into significantly less efficient. When this comes about it normally takes the battery more time to build a charge for the vehicle’s starter and you’ll have to wait longer for the motor to turn around. A slow starting up motor is a positive telltale indication that your battery is dying.


Corrosion on your battery terminals is just one of the most common causes of a dying battery. Corrosion appears as a blue-eco-friendly powder on the battery terminal and lowers the battery’s means to obtain a cost. Corroded terminals can lead to voltage challenges and issues starting your automobile. Professional Idea: You can simply clear the terminals with a toothbrush and coca-cola.

Clicking audio when turning the important

If the engine does not crank at all, the auto will typically make a fast clicking audio, signaling the offered energy is as well very low to crank the motor. If your car won’t start out and all you listen to is a clicking noise, your battery is either pretty much or totally lifeless. From time to time a jump start from a different automobile can give you the vital energy you have to have to start off your car or truck. If this is the circumstance, start out your car and get it to a mechanic ASAP.


The battery powers all of the electronics in your car, from your lights to your radio to your dashboard. If the battery is losing its charge it will have a harder time operating these matters at whole electricity. The far more things you plug into your car whilst driving, the faster your battery will die.

Poor Smell

Destruction to the battery or an interior brief can induce the battery to leak gas. If you odor a rotten egg scent when examining below the hood, a leaking battery may perhaps be the challenge. Acquire in your car or truck to get checked out ASAP and swap the battery if required.

Swollen Battery Case

The sides of the battery scenario can swell when the battery is exposed to severe sizzling or cold temperatures. In the winter, the battery could discharge and freeze. This freezing, as effectively as inflammation from excessive heat, can cause an “electrically dead” battery. When this comes about, the battery can’t be recovered and will have to have to be replaced ASAP.


Over time, your battery will little by little get rid of the means to keep the similar charge. With use, you will get started to recognize indications of decrease battery electric power soon after a couple a long time or so. Holding up with regular car maintenance can extend the lifestyle of your battery, as well as catch a dying battery just before it causes you serious difficulty.

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