Tips To Extend Your Vehicles Life After 100K Miles

Shielding your car from unneeded wear and tear is necessary to extending its daily life and realizing the whole worth of your automotive financial investment. As you solution 100K miles or even before, scheduled routine maintenance should really be carried out on your motor vehicle for the greatest effects. Failure to carry out this routine maintenance can drastically reduce the longevity of your vehicle’s mechanical parts and place you at danger for disagreeable surprises.

Servicing your car soon after 80K miles will help you get back again on keep track of with exceptional effectiveness, effectiveness, and basic safety while avoiding lots of prevalent concerns thanks to weak servicing techniques. Nonetheless, there will come a time when we all conclude up needing a towing service. With these recommendations for servicing your auto, you can hold your car on the road for a longer period.

Why Is 100K Miles An Significant Milestone

The average lifespan of a motor vehicle is 150,000 miles or 12 many years. It is straightforward to see why this milestone is so crucial – it is midway there! Any troubles you have will only worsen if you really don’t just take treatment of them instantly. The sooner you resolve any problems with your car, the longer it will previous.

If you preserve up with the advisable routine maintenance schedule, nonetheless, your car really should previous for a longer time than this common. Proper routine maintenance can boost the longevity of your automobile by as considerably as 50%. It’s not uncommon for somebody who has taken excellent treatment of their car to travel it effectively earlier 200,000 miles prior to changing it with a new one particular.

Vital Servicing Soon after 100K Miles

If you have reached 100K miles, it’s time to start out imagining about what sections require to be changed. Whilst some vehicles might be in a position to go yet another 10,000 miles before needing considerable repairs, other autos could require new components as shortly as they strike 60,000 miles. Choose a search at these critical routine maintenance items that you ought to exchange following 100K miles:


Test all fluids (transmission, power steering, coolant, brake, and fuel) for proper ranges. If any of your fluids have been neglected or have not been checked in a when, they may well need to have to be replaced (check out your owner’s guide).

Belts and Hoses

Look at belts for cracks and looseness swap as needed. Examine hoses for leaks and cracks exchange as essential.


Rotate your tires each and every 5,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on where by or how often you drive. Substitute if worn below 2/32nds of an inch tread depth in any tire space or 1/16th of an inch tread depth at any issue close to the total circumference of the tire — if you can see the light-weight as a result of the tire when considered from above, it’s time for a replacement).


You should have your brakes checked at least as soon as each and every calendar year or two. Brake pads and rotors put on out over time, so be positive you have them replaced as desired and assure there are not any leaks in the process. 


Obtaining your suspension checked for use and tear is crucial because it assists retain manage of your vehicle and reduces tire have on. If you detect unusual movements when driving or listen to noises from the suspension area, deliver it in for service as before long as achievable. 

Compression Test

This take a look at checks for interior engine issues such as worn valves or piston rings that may cause poor general performance and lessened gasoline economic climate. It’s greatest finished when the motor is cold so carry it in through the wintertime months or on a cold morning before setting up your commute so we can execute this check correctly.  

Shocks and Struts

Your shocks and struts are section of the suspension procedure that retains your car or truck going efficiently around bumps and dips in the road. Following 100,000 miles, these components can don out and bring about considerable troubles with your journey top quality and dealing with. Modifying them is normally not a hard endeavor. Nonetheless, you ought to talk to with a experienced shop right before trying any repairs by yourself, as this sort of operate can be harmful if done improperly.

Significant Mileage Oil

Oil is an engine’s lifeline, so it is crucial to alter your oil on a regular basis — ideally each and every 3,000 miles — but in particular after 100k miles. At this point, most oils have dropped their performance and have to be changed with a substantial mileage artificial blend designed to extend your engine’s daily life. The identical goes for filters: Improve them out every single 30k miles or whenever you modify your oil.

Timing Belt

The timing belt drives the camshafts in your engine, opening and closing valves at distinctive moments throughout the combustion cycle. If your car or truck has above 100k miles on it, it is a fantastic plan to swap the timing belt in advance of it breaks for the reason that undertaking so can hurt other factors or result in inner damage to your engine. Tack on an extra $500 for labor expenses for this position if you are not relaxed performing it by yourself.

Exhaust Method

If you see a rumbling sound coming from your car, it could necessarily mean the exhaust procedure needs changing. Exhaust programs are made of steel, which can develop into damaged more than time and need to be changed. A superior indicator that your exhaust program wants changing is if you begin having trouble with emissions tests or if you hear loud noises from the engine when you accelerate.

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic converters assistance lessen damaging exhaust emissions by converting them into much less harmful substances as a result of chemical reactions. They can turn into clogged about time major to very poor gas economic climate and lousy overall performance from the motor. If your car begins getting problems passing emissions checks or enduring very poor efficiency, then this could be an indication that your catalytic converter wants replacing.

Oxygen Sensor

An oxygen sensor tells your engine how a lot air is coming in and how significantly gas desires to go out. Above time, this sensor will degrade, causing very poor performance and effectiveness. If your oxygen sensor is faulty, it could cause other issues like misfires and tough idling. A new oxygen sensor will cost involving $100 and $200 relying on where by you get it from. Verify out dealerships or a regional car sections shop.

Tips To Extend Your Cars Life After 100K Miles

When You Will need Assistance

You need to note a number of checkpoints: do all your tires have ample tread still left? Are you hunting for signs of uneven tire use? Are all the belts and hoses in superior form and present no deterioration? Do you listen to odd noises when you step on the brakes or accelerate? It is vital to preserve up with car or truck upkeep for a dependable trip. On the other hand, if your car breaks down, Towing247 can enable!


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