Misfuel Rescue

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Did you fill the wrong fuel in car? Worry not! We are there to help you 7 days for 24 hours. Our on-site repair service is phenomenal; come here and re-fill your engine right there.

We, at Towing 247 offer round the clock assistance in misfuel rescue Dublin. If you have filled petrol instead of diesel or vice versa, our expert crew comprising skilled professionals can help you. We treat our clients with respect and complete professionalism. We are a leading name in fuel draining and wrong fuel recovery services in the whole of Ireland. By using the latest technologies and modern equipment, our trained professionals can drain the wrong fuel and fill with the right fuel in just minutes. So, if you are in search of such services, we are just a call away.

How Do We Work

  • Call us and give us the proper address of your location (it might be your home, office or somewhere else roadside)
  • A complete drain out of wrong fuel from the tank and vehicle’s entire fuelling system
  • A total flush out from the fuel system
  • Refilling the tank with new clean fuel
  • Restart your engine with newer fuel and check the fuel system
    Contaminated fuel disposed of in an environmental friendly way.

What to do

Making mistakes of filling a wrong fuel in your car is nothing new and there is no reason to panic. If you have done something like this just relax and don’t start your engine. However, if you are already on road and driving, you need to safely pull over, park the vehicle on the side of a road and switch off your engine. Then call us at Towing 247 for our expert services at affordable rates.

Our experts are working 24/7 every week to offer you hassle-free services within the right time. We are an emergency service provider, so we will try our level best to reach you within an hour. As soon as we reach your destination, we will start off with draining fuel from car and supply you with enough new diesel or petrol to make you reach the closest fuelling station.

Ensuring Efficiency and Reliability

We are professionals in wrong fuel recovery and if you need assistance in Dublin, we are there to help you. Within minutes our automobile experts can drain out the wrong fuel and re-fill your engine with the new fuel. And all of this can be done right at the sight. We have 98% success rates onsite. Some of the issues can be a bit complicated and may need further assistance; otherwise most of them can be dealt with on the roadside.

In the whole of Dublin, we provide deals at the best rates possible. Some of the other services that we offer are car recovery, breakdown on road, nation-wide vehicle transport, accident recovery and jump start flat battery services. With our flawless and genuine services, we have secured a name of our own and to experience world-class services, visit our page today.


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Why Choose Our Services

Vehicle towing Dublin isn’t a job for the inexperienced. Similarly, the professionals should have proper equipments, particularly when valuable cars are involved. Inappropriate towing can lead to personal injury and damage to the car. Towing247 experts are especially trained for such jobs. They have gained years of experience and work with the latest devices. They are auto mechanics and are capable of handling contingencies such as requirement for jump-starts and immediate on-road repairs.


Lowest Rates

Evacuation lowest rates in Dublin


Exact time & place

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24/7 Available

24 hours a day, 7 days a week​


Operational Arive

Fast arive from 20 minutes


Accurate work

Careful with your vehicle


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    What our Clients Says

    Quality Towing Service is What We Do Towing247 employs the latest gear in the trade. Hence you can rest assured that your car is in safe hands. Our professionals are well trained to deal all sorts of small and big jobs. Whether you need to tow one car or more than that, you will always get our assistance. Our 24hours car tow Dublin professionals allow us to be at your service all the time. Regardless of where you are in Dublin, we can reach the spot in no time.

    We have expertise in moving almost all types of vehicles, from cars, motorbikes, SUVs, 4×4's and to light commercial vans. Our transporters are conveniently placed all across Dublin, so that even in the busiest hours, they can arrive in your spot in 35 minutes. We take pride in rendering the safest and the quickest towing service Dublin. Also, our towing experts Dublin can help in removing wrong fuel from your vehicle, making sure that you are back on the road within 90 minutes.

    Thank you for being prompt and for the excellent service and really helpful. Well done, all of you!!​
    John B.
    Please accept my Big thanks everyone at Towing 247. You guys are awesome. Highly recommended.
    Maria R
    Top Class customer Service. Best price I could find for my van tow. Best Experts. I would highly recommend.
    Brian o.
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